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Winter Season Has Begun #19.31

Winter Season Has Begun!

Blog #19.31

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Field Hockey?

As we make our way from the turf to the court there are some differences when it comes to the rules and the way the game is played.

Here are the key differences of indoor and outdoor field hockey:

Stick – Outdoor and Indoor field hockey sticks are the same basic shape, with 1 round side and 1 flat side. The biggest difference is that the end of an indoor stick is skinnier and the weight of the stick is much lighter; this makes it easier to control the ball and allows players to move, dodge and shoot much quicker, which is crucial for the indoor game.
Field – The field or ‘court’ in the indoor game is smaller than a turf or grass outdoor field. Indoor field hockey is played on a hard surface; which makes the game play a lot faster. There is no sideline out of bounds since the sidelines are replaced with sideboards. The only time there is a sideline out of bounds, is if the ball goes over the boards, which shouldn’t happen much since the ball cannot be lifted during indoor. Also, players are allowed to use the sideboards to pass the ball to a teammate or to pass it to themselves to beat a defender! Indoor is very similar to ice hockey in this sense!
Players – Because the field of play is smaller, there are less players on the court at a time. For indoor, there are 5 field players + a goalie for a total of 6 players. If a team does not have a goalie, they can have 6 field players.
Equipment – Goals are slightly smaller in size. Protective equipment is the same and required; shin guards and mouth guards and gloves.
Rules/Fouls – For the most part, the rules and fouls are the same or very similar. The ball cannot hit your feet, third party, no hacking, etc. The slight differences are that the ball must go 3 meters before entering the circle, where in outdoor, the ball must go 5. In indoor, there is no hitting the ball, there can be no back swing; you can only push the ball. There is also no lifting the ball in indoor. The only time the ball can be lifted is when shooting. Corners are played slightly different. Defense is allowed to have as many players back as they would like to have. It is the same in the sense that no one is allowed in the circle until the ball is inserted and that ball must come out of the circle and brought back in.

The game of field hockey is very similar when it comes to indoor and outdoor. The key differences are that indoor is played on a much smaller and faster field, the stick is lighter and thinner, and there are less players playing at a time. This makes the game play a lot faster and controlled. Indoor field hockey improves players stick handling skills and their vision on the field.

Never Played Indoor Field Hockey?!

Come try it out at one of our upcoming Promo Days! It is the perfect opportunity to try indoor field hockey before signing up for one of our Winter Programs!

  • Who: K – 8th Grade
  • When:
    • Promo Day #1: Wednesday, December 11
      • K – 5th: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
      • 6th – 8th: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
    • Promo Day #2: Saturday, January 4
      • K – 5th: 10:30am – 11:30am
      • 6th – 8th: 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Where: Stone Ridge (9101 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814)
  • Cost: FREE!

For more information, click here: Promo Days!

Register Here!

Koa Girls’ Basketball:

You asked, and our Koa Basketball Program listened!
Koa Sports now has its very own girls basketball skills development clinic.

Come checkout the NEW Girls Basketball Skill Development Clinic this Winter at Koa Sports HQ!

Our basketball program has partnered with the Potomac Valley Thunder to continue their already impressive girl’s clinic! This winter season, girls in grades 3rd-8th will have the opportunity to develop their skills with the help of our professional Koa coaches! Whether you are just beginning or if you know a thing or two there is always room to improve. There will be plenty of ball-handling, shooting, offensive moves, and rebounding to get your daughter’s game to a higher level!

For more information, contact Director of Basketball Operations Evan Sirkey: evan@koasports.org

Keeping Up with Koa:

Starts in two weeks!

High School Indoor League: This will be Koa’s 4th annual High School Indoor League! Athletes can join with a group of teammates from their HS Team, or they can join as a Free Agent and be put onto one of Koa’s house teams with other free agents. The Indoor League will be traditional indoor rules, which is a great way to improve your skills in the off-season. This is also a great way for a HS Team to bond during the off-season, and improve both mentally and physically during the Winter months! Click Here for more Information!

Starts in December!
Promo Days: At our promo days, players will learn the fundamentals and get to play in a few fun drills and games! Most importantly, they will come away with a basic grasp of field hockey and a new found love for a new sport! Click Here for more information!

Starts in January!

Fundamentals Crash Course: Did you sign up for one of our programs, but you are a beginner? Do you need to dust off your stick after the fall? Come join our experienced coaches at our 1.5 hour skill session that will teach you all the basics of field hockey! Get that first practice out of the way before the season starts in order to be more prepared at the first week! Click Here for more information!

Winter Rec League: This program is for both experienced and inexperienced players. During the Winter Rec League, players will be placed on teams, and will have both a practice and a game each Saturday. Each team will play for 1.5 hours each Saturday. They will have a 45min practice session first, and then immediately play in a game versus another team in the second 45min session. Each game will be two 20min halves with a 5min halftime. Click Here for more information!

Winter Clinics: This Winter Clinic is a weekday clinic for both experienced and beginner field hockey players. During the practice, the players will be taught the fundamental skills of field hockey. At the end of each practice, they will get to test their newly learned skills in a fun game scenario drill or in a scrimmage. All players will be divided into the appropriate age and skill level groups. Click Here for more information!

Starts in February!

Germantown Winter Clinic: Unlike our other winter programs, the Germantown Winter Clinic focuses on the outdoor game, but on an indoor turf field at the Germantown SoccerPlex! This Clinic is for both experienced and beginner field hockey players in grades K – 12th. During the practice, beginner players will be taught the fundamental skills of field hockey, while the more advanced players will continue to hone their skills and learn new tricks! At the end of each practice, they will get to test their newly learned skills in a fun game scenario drill or in a scrimmage. All players will be divided into the appropriate age and skill level groups. Click Here for more information!

Year Round Programs!

Private Lessons: Are you looking for a 1 on 1 skill session? Are you looking to take your skills to another level? We offer private lessons with our experienced coaches to help you improve your skills. Breakdown those skills you may be having trouble with and have a coach analyze and help you work on them.
Private Lesson Info

Evaluations: Koa FH offers individual player evaluations to athletes who want to know where they stand compared to our different programs. Any field hockey player, whether you are new to Koa or you have been with Koa for a few seasons can register for an evaluation. Schedule your Player Eval today!

Register Here!

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