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Field Hockey – Development Training

Field Hockey Development Training

Our Development Training brings together a great group of hard-working, and driven players who want to take their game to the next level. Joining Koa’s Development Training is the best way to kick start your commitment to the sport while maintaining Koa’s central mission — having fun!

Development Training Overview:

  • Evaluation/Tryout Required: Players must have prior experience to join (please reach out to find out more!)
  • Season Duration: Consists of three separate seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring
    • Players only commit to one season at a time
    • Each season is 8-10 weeks long
  • Weekday Practices: 1-2 practices per week
    • Team Practice during the week + Rec League on Sundays.
  • Competitions: Play Days/Scrimmages against local teams with possible opportunity to fill in on a Club team.
  • Age groups offered:
    • u10-u19
  • Cost: $550-$750
Our Development Training is more advanced than our Rec League, but not as time-consuming as our Club Program. It is a stepping stone from our Rec League into our Club Field Hockey. Our goal for our Development Training athletes is to build skills and game sense.
How much does the development team season cost?

Development Team is between $550-$750 per season. All League, tournament, practice, coaching, pinnies, admin, and facility fees are included in this price.

Email: jen@koasports.org
Call: (301) 229-7529

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