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Koa Field Hockey: How to Buy a Stick

How to Buy A Field Hockey Stick!

Interested in buying a stick, but don’t know where to start?! Koa FH has a deal with Longstreth, where you can get all the field hockey equipment you need and get a discount!! Look below for tips on how to make buying a stick a little easier!

1. Where can you buy a field hockey stick???

You can get field hockey sticks at Dicks and Modell’s Sporting Goods, but we usually order all of our field hockey supplies from Longstreth.

2. All About Longstreth!

Longstreth is a field hockey supplier with great customer service! Also, Koa has a Special Discount Promo Code through Longstreth, where you can save 15% off your entire purchase and receive Free Shipping! Just enter the following Code at checkout:
CLUB15Keep in mind shipping time!

Main Field Hockey Sticks Website

Composite FH Sticks

Indoor Sticks for the Winter Season!

Goalie Sticks & Gear

A few stick brands that we specifically recommend and think are better quality are: TK, Grypon, Grays, Ritual, Slazenger, Dita and Voodoo. Definitely make sure you check that you are buying the correct stick required for the season!

3. What else do you need to buy/bring to Field Hockey sessions?

Koa FH asks that you buy/bring are shin guards and a mouth guards. You can purchase these items at any sports store as well!

FH Equipment: Mouth guards, Shin guards and Gloves

4. What size stick should you buy??

Here is a stick sizing chart as a helpful guide!

5. My player is new to the sport and may not want to continue to play. Do you need to buy a stick?!

No! We have sticks for the players to borrow all the way from ages K – 12th grade! We definitely don’t require you to buy a stick, unless you are playing on one of our competitive teams.

Who is Koa Field Hockey?

We’re girls with lots of potential who finally found the right sport. We’re girls who like playing on a team, but don’t want to make the game our entire life. We’re girls who have played for years and want to step up our game. We’re girls who play hard, play competitively, and play to win!

Join us and come try a new sport that we all love so much!

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