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Koa is committed to shaping kids’ lives through sports. Koa aims to develop each child to their full potential as an athlete and a person both in the classroom, in competition, and anything in between.



Navigating the world of youth sports can be difficult, stressful, tiring, and downright confusing. We provide both parents and athletes a plan and solutions for athletes 4 to 18 years old. We don’t want you to go it alone…that’s what we’re here for, please trust our timeline, we don't offer overnight success.

Inner Koa

Koa means strength and we challenge all of our athletes to find their inner champion. Adversity is inevitable, but with hard work it will just make one stronger. Our goal is to build resilience in all of our athletes. Player development is our focus, chasing trophies is not.


March Player of the Month 🍀

Eli M. | Koa BABL A Player

Eli is currently making strides as a member of the BABL A Shorebirds. Joining our program last fall, Eli quickly proved to be a valuable addition. His evident potential has been matched only by his relentless work ethic, which has grown stronger during his time with Koa. Participating in two of our Winter Development Programs, Eli showcased not only his dedication but also his genuine passion and enthusiasm for the game. Throughout the winter, his efforts translated into noticeable improvements, which are already showing early in the spring season. Eli's aspirations to excel as a lockdown first baseman are evident, and his hitting skills continue to sharpen with each passing day. Moreover, he has emerged as a leader, embodying Koa's core values both on and off the field with a commendable attitude. We eagerly anticipate Eli's continued progress this season and beyond. Congratulations, Eli, and keep up the exceptional work!

March Coach of the Month 🍀

Coach Steve | Koa Baseball Coach

Coach Steve has been an integral part of our coaching staff at Koa since 2017, making him one of our longest-tenured coaches. In addition to his role as the BABL A Commissioner, Steve excels in managing our travel teams. Currently, he leads the Shorebirds and Waves 13u travel team with great dedication. Steve's coaching prowess and motivational skills are exceptional, making him a valuable asset to our players. Throughout the winter, Steve conducted comprehensive hitting and five-tool classes, and he contributed significantly to Saturday practices for all Single-A teams. Renowned for his expertise in infield techniques and hitting mechanics, Steve is unmatched in his ability to instill proper skills in our players. As the summer approaches, he eagerly anticipates reuniting with his 2027 HS travel team following their freshman year in high school. We are incredibly fortunate to have Coach Steve as part of the Koa family.