Koa Sports


Koa is committed to shaping kids’ lives through sports. Koa aims to develop each child to their full potential as an athlete and a person both in the classroom, in competition, and anything in between.



Navigating the world of youth sports can be difficult, stressful, tiring, and downright confusing. We provide both parents and athletes a plan and solutions for athletes 4 to 18 years old. We don’t want you to go it alone…that’s what we’re here for, please trust our timeline, we don't offer overnight success.

Inner Koa

Koa means strength and we challenge all of our athletes to find their inner champion. Adversity is inevitable, but with hard work it will just make one stronger. Our goal is to build resilience in all of our athletes. Player development is our focus, chasing trophies is not.


April Player of the Month 🌷

Isaac P. | Koa Flag Football Player

Congratulations to Isaac, a shining star in Koa's K-1 Flag Program! Isaac embodies the essence of dedication, focus, and determination every time he steps onto the football field. Not only does he showcase exceptional athleticism, mastering the art of flag pulling and defending against passes, but he also exudes an infectious positivity that uplifts everyone around him. Isaac's unwavering enthusiasm and upbeat attitude are truly commendable, making him a standout player and a role model for his peers. It's not just about his skills on the field; it's about the way he approaches the game with joy and camaraderie, making every moment a memorable experience for himself and his team. Keep shining, Isaac!

April Coach of the Month 🌷

Coach Christian | Koa Flag Football Coach

Christian is a first-year coach in the program but one of our most valuable contributors every Sunday. He coaches our 2nd-3rd grade Titans, 4th-5th grade Browns and our Middle School Broncos. Heading into the playoffs, all three of Christian's teams have winning records and he has helped put all three in position to end the spring as Champions. This might not come as a surprise knowing his background, having played linebacker at Howard University here in D.C. and helping lead them to their first MEAC Championship since 1993. Christian is currently a Graduate Assistant at Howard and his infectious enthusiasm for not only football, but coaching and teaching our Koa athletes is what makes him our Coach of the Month!