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Multisport Camp with Koa Sports

Fall Multisport Clinic

Interested in Koa Programming? Want your athlete to try different sports? This Fall we are offering a Sunday Multisport clinic for athletes looking to get a taste of different sports. During the clinic, players will try sports such as Flag Football, Basketball, and Floor Hockey. This is a great way to try out Koa's main programs in a beginner's environment!

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Koa Sports Students (KSS) Program

Koa Sports is launching the (KSS) Koa Sports Students Program! This program is a combination of Sport Management Classes and providing matching Volunteer Opportunities. We will talk about the college admission process, benefits of a sport management degree, and how to gain entry into the competitive sport industry. Koa Sports will build your student's skills and keep your student athletes a step ahead of the competition!

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Multisport & Activities Summer Camp

Looking to improve physical literacy this summer? Our Multisport & Activities Camp offers sports, recreational activities, creative stations and MORE in each of our weekly sessions! Our goal is to provide our campers with a safe environment while learning, growing, and creating lifelong friendships and memories.

Counselor in Training (CIT) Multisport & Activities Summer Camp

Koa's Counselor in Training Program is the perfect balance of work and play. The CIT program is structured into two parts, CITs will be assigned to a camp group as an assistant coach, and have the opportunity to compete and play against other CITs. During their "coaching role" CITs will help set up fields, refill water, instruct campers on basic skills, and encourage campers. During CIT free time, CITs will participate against their peer group in games such as; street hockey, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and more. Play is monitored by Koa's Staff, however 100% organized by CITs. From field set up, to team placements, referee disputes, and other conflict resolutions, CITs are responsible and will learn the fundamentals of sport management.

This is an opportunity for rising 7th, 8th and 9th graders to have fun, while receiving hands-on experience. Our goal is to shape the next generation of leaders that can professionally interact with children, peers, and supervisors. We aim to instill confidence in our CITs to develop their own voice, roles at camp, and whatever life throws their way! This program sells out every year and provides 20 SSL/Volunteer hours per week.

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Meet Our Program Director

Emily Fornatora - Executive Director of Summer Camp & Youth Programs
Contact: Emily@koasports.org