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Koa in the Community

Koa in the Community

While Koa’s core mission is “Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports,” it’s also our aim to build a community around them.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that touches thousands of families and brings neighborhoods together, we graciously accept the role of youth sports provider while working to embrace the role of “community organizer”; a group that brings people together in the pursuit of a higher purpose. Here’s our vision for how we build that community:

1. Providing the best sports environment in the world.

Before we take one step in the direction of a "higher purpose," we need to make sure we're satisfying our core mission. Our first, second and third priorities have always been and always will be providing a positive environment with the best coaching on earth. It's the backbone of everything we do.

2. Realizing that every child has the right to play.

Just like the playgrounds we grew up on, we believe in a basic neighborhood right: Every child has the right to play. We'll never turn a child away from our programs and appreciate all of the Koa community's efforts to make that possible (especially our tough-man, Joe Horton). Through our 'Play It Forward' Scholarship Fund, Koa families can pool their resources to make sure no child gets left on the sideline.

Koa has also partnered with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy to help bring baseball (as well as dynamic, responsible role models) to the inner city. After partnering in the opening of their facility with a spring-training clinic, we're looking forward to providing this life-changing operation with continuing support.

3. Using every resource we have to make a difference.

We're not just providing scholarships for athletes to play sports -- we're drawing on our resources to provide coaching and equipment to underprivileged youths throughout the DMV area. Through a partnership with Level The Playing Field, the Koa Community has brought hundreds of gently-used sporting goods to those in need. By providing coaches for MCPS' Linkages to Learning, we're providing at-risk youths with role models, structure and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Becoming a thought leader in the community.

When one parent asks us a question, odds are that dozens more are wondering the same thing. After years of answering questions on busy sidelines, over the phone, and through late-night e-mails, we've instituted Koa Town Hall meetings. We'll be talking through the most common questions we come across and the discussion points we see as most pertinent to an informed, progressive sports community. Stay tuned for our next Koa Town Hall meeting.

5. Honoring our own.

Every year Koa recognizes one athlete to receive the Josh Davis Spirit Award.

The award recognizes:

  • Hard work
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self-discipline
  • Coping with adversity, and
  • Having FUN through sports

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