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Koa Hall of Fame Coaches

Honoring our positive, dedicated, team first, and fun coaches that made a positive impact on our organization and our community.  These coaches have gone above and beyond the call of duty as coach/mentors.  These Koa Hall of Famers are coaches, our athletes will remember in 5, 10, and 20 years down the road.

They have impacted so many players in a positive light, and who knows maybe these coaches will inspire the next generation of coaches.  We cannot thank our coaches enough, the least we can do is give them a web page.  Thanks for being amazing role models in the Koa Community.

Koa Hall of Fame Player

It's an honor to have our top players in Koa's Hall of Fame.  These HOF players having amazing on-field accomplishments, however, my favorite part of these athletes is their drive and work ethic.  No Koa Hall of Fame player was the best when they first arrived at Koa.  These kids are all humble, hungry, and driven.

Thank you for your positive impact on your Koa Teams, and following our core values- being positive, dedicated, putting the team first, and having fun with competing!