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Get Involved - Be an Advocate!

For as many times as we say we have the best programs in the world, we recognize it’s still us saying this. Rather than take our word for it, ask to speak to one of our Koa Advocates.

Our Koa Advocates all started as new clients and, over the course of our programming, became Koa family. These advocates — from dozens of schools throughout Maryland, Virginia and DC — believed in us enough to volunteer themselves as references and community representatives. If you’re new to Koa and curious to speak with a Koa family from your school, we’d love to put you in touch with these folks!

Want to become a Koa Advocate? It’s easy enough to do and we’d love to have you. Shoot us an e-mail (info@koasports.org) and we’ll let you know what the gig entails.

Already a Koa advocate?

Want to donate a little more of your time to help the organization? We are looking for advocates to join our Board of Directors.

Board Member Responsibilities:

1. Be a Koa advocate

2. Attend six(6) board meetings per year - Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, May

3. Bring ideas to help grow and improve this non-profit organization

Receive discounts on Koa programs and lessons plus free Koa swag!