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Summer Day Camp Kensington MD

Summer Day Camp Kensington MD

summer day camp Kensington MD - Kids play football. Child at soccer field.With summer on the horizon, you may be looking for a summer day camp in Kensington MD. you may be asking yourself how you will manage childcare while working or even how to avoid the simple “I’m bored” comment. You also may wonder if there are any educational summer activities or programs that will allow your child to find new things that they may love.

A very simple answer comes in the form of a summer day camp. Not only is summer camp fun, but there is also a wide range of benefits to summer camp for children.

Benefits of Summer Camp For Children 

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with signing her child up for a summer day camp.

Socializing and Friendship Building 

One of the greatest benefits of sending your child to a summer camp is that they get to socialize and meet new people. Many children often find it difficult to form or maintain friendships during summer break with peers of their own age. Not only do they develop important life skills through socializing, there also learn how to develop strong and healthy relationships through interacting with their peers. A summer day camp provides a safe environment for children to develop social skills, decision-making skills, and even experience the great outdoors. A fun environment like a summer camp is a great way to encourage your child to hone their skills and build lasting friendships.

Eliminating Screen Time and Getting Exercise 

In a world full of technology, it isn’t hard to see that physical inactivity is currently the leading cause of disease and disabilities in the United States. While some extra creativity is needed to get your kids active and limit screen time at home during summer, there is one thing you can do to aid in this. A summer day camp is a great solution because many of the programs are in the great outdoors and offer several physical activities for your child to partake in. This means not only will your child get out of the house, but they will have plenty of fun in physical activities that get them up and moving as well.

Personal Growth, Learning, and Development 

Most summer camps focus on the theme or incorporate aspects of learning, exploring, character building, and personal growth. When choosing a summer camp, you can be certain that your child will not only be entertained but they’re going to be educated as well. They’re having fun and exploiting their own interests and they are also increasing their own capabilities for learning, teamwork, problem-solving, knowledge, and self-awareness. Many children who have been to summer camp gain self-confidence while at camp that carries on through the rest of their life.

With so many benefits that come from a summer day camp in Kensington MD is easy to see that you shouldn’t hesitate to sign your child up at KOA Sports and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members today.