Koa Sports

SSL Opportunities

Koa Sports League Student Service Learning Hour Plans

Koa Sports League is an MCPS Pre-Approved SSL Site. We currently have SSL opportunities available for Coach Assistants aged 14-17. Please contact Emily (emily@koasports.org) for more information.

Student Service Learning Plans

Students wishing to earn Montgomery County SSL hours at koa sports League, a registered 501(c)3 organization, will work on one or more of the following projects:

Coach Assistant:

Students will work as assistants to the Koa senior coaching staff. Under the supervision of senior coaches, students may work with individual athletes on skills or in drills and scrimmages. Students may also assist coaches with stats, dugout management, and other jobs during league games

Field Improvements:

Under the supervision of senior Koa Staff, students will assist with field preparation and takedown before and after clinics or games. This may include lining the fields, setting up training stations, and general assistance with getting the fields ready for the children participating in various sports.

Flyer Drops:

Students will assist with distributing flyers announcing koa sports League events. Students will need to provide their own transportation to various outdoor sites to distribute the flyers on weekends throughout the year.


Students will learn about the role of a nonprofit sports league in the community and help in Koa’s mission of Changing Kids’ Lives Through Sports.

For more information please contact our Athletic Director Emily Fornatora - Emily@koasports.org