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Whether you’re the parent of a first-timer or an athlete with high school hoops aspirations, M.A.D.E Basketball Powered by Koa Sports has you covered. We provide a safe basketball environment that promotes success for all levels of play. Our variety of programs are designed to meet the needs of most Montgomery County Athletes. With full-time administrative support, years of experience, and a team of top notch coaches, we believe that the basketball experience we provide is the best in the area. Our motto is "train, practice, play" where "My Attitude Determines Everything." Come check us out!

Elite Teams (5th- High School)

Are you looking for a well-established and organized AAU Program?  We offer the most competitive level of play. Our rigorous training program includes practice twice a week, five large group training sessions, and participation in area leagues or tournaments on the weekends.  All of our Elite Teams are professionally coached, and we run 3 seasons- fall, winter, and spring.

Higher Elite teams will participate in circuits such as Hoop Group, Puma, Marquee.

High school players who have consistently improved and competed at higher levels will have the opportunity to participate in NCAA live periods throughout the year.

Select Teams (3rd-8th)

Are you looking for a program with more competition than rec, but not quite ready for AAU Basketball?  This is what we do best!  We have 1 practice and 1 hour of skill work per week.  All of our Selected Teams are volunteer coached; however, all of the skill work is run by our professional coaches!  Our select teams play in the 365 Hoops Basketball League and participate in one local tournament. Select basketball will run 3 seasons- fall, winter, and spring.

Rec Basketball (PreK-4th)

Do you have a beginner hooper that wants to be professionally coached?  Koa Sports and it's 200+ staff members are on it!  This WINTER ONLY rec program features a clinic for our PreK and Kindergarten athletes and a full league for our 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th graders.  Our league promotes fun, safety, equal playing time, in addition to building skills and making friends.

Performance Development & Training

Our training program, centered around the core philosophy "Train. Practice. Play", is designed to elevate every athlete's game.

Athletes will be able to participate in skills training sessions at M.A.D.E. 2 Perform Basketball Center or in Koa's indoor facility where they will focus on injury prevention, agility and technical skills and body awareness assessment. This holistic approach ensures that each player improves their physical, mental and social preparedness to thrive on and off the court. We serve as a guidepost to give players the best version of themselves. Through our methods our players will learn to release anxiety, promote healthy habits and increase their mental capacity to excel.


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