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Spring Rec League Comes To An End #19.21

& Just like that..Spring Rec League comes to an end!

Blog #19.21

Rec League Play Day Recap!

This past Sunday, our Spring Rec League came to an end. Despite the rainy, windy weather; all of our players came ready to play with high energy, motivation and lots of team spirit! Our last day of Rec League is a tournament-style play day where one team comes out on top! It was awesome to see the girls work together as a team and put their skills to use! The improvement and progress of all of our teams were exceptional throughout the season! Congratulations and great job to all of our teams! The coaches are so proud of you!

2nd/3rd Grade

Our 2nd/3rd Grade players are always ready to play! The day started off with fun games of steal the bacon, knockout, and sharks and minnows. These games got the girls pumped for the scrimmages. Our 3 teams, the Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Starfish each got a chance to play in a game against each other! This was a great way to enforce teamwork and competition!

4th/5th Grade

Our 4th/5th Grade players came ready to work hard and have fun! The 6 teams in this league were the Alligators, Flamingos, Giraffes, Monkeys, Lions and Penguins. These girls showed tremendous improvement each week and their skills really came out on Sunday when they were needed the most! Each team worked together and never gave up.


The Blue Devils, Cardinals, Eagles and Dragons all showed up to the field ready to win! To prepare for the big games, the teams worked together to come up with strategies and a game plan to take home the championship. Each game was well played and fought out till the last whistle. The Championship Game was played between the Dragons and the Cardinals. With a final score of 4-2, Team Dragons became our Spring Rec League Champions!

Team Dragons wins Championship for Novice League


Teams Argentina, Australia, Spain and USA arrived at the field with tons of team spirit and motivation to win the Championship! Each team came up with strategic game plans and goals to work on in order to achieve the top spot! The games were all played with high intensity and skill. The teams worked hard together and it showed! The Championship Game was played between Argentina and USA. It was a nail biter the whole time – back & forth, back & forth. It was anybody’s game up until the last minute when Argentina scored the go-ahead goal! Argentina was named our Champions with a final score of 3-2.

Team Argentina wins Championship for Experienced League

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Picture of the Week!

Team USA showing team spirit at Rec League Play Day!

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