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Koa Rec Hoops All-Star Squad Announced!

Come join Koa hoops this Wednesday, March 2nd, at the Woods Academy, for the Rec Hoops All-Star Game! Congratulations to all players who were selected to an All-Star squad this year.
We hope to see you supporting our Koa All-Star community Wednesday night for either (or both!) games.

3rd – 4th Grade (6:15pm)

Green                                                       White

Connor Flynn – Celtics                              Jacob Price – Celtics
Noah Warren – Hawks                              Zach Foxx – Hawks
Wells Twining – Hornets                         Jeremiah Gamble – Hornets
Noah Grosberg – Jazz                              Dean Farber – Hornets
Elijah Chambers – Jazz                             Adam Strong Jacobson – Jazz
Jay Wandell – Wizards                             Carter Meadows – Jazz
Alex Johnson – Wizards                           Kevin Hallagan – Wizards
Gabe Shanoff – Wizards                           Austin Weiss – Wizards

Coach                                                           Coach

Antony Ndiangui – Jazz                            Mike Votaw – Wizards

5th – 6th Grade (7:30pm)

Green                                                        White

Andrew Berube – Pistons                         John Patrick Rakis – Pistons
Callum Johnson – Rockets                       Westin Weilminster – Rockets
Jack McGuire – Rockets                           Luke Ferro – Clippers
Spencer Gorman – Clippers                      Sammy Polott – Warriors
Seth Goldfine – Warriors                          Nick Avilla – Cavaliers
Miles Dardozzi – Cavaliers                        Patrick Byars – Cavaliers
Dan Avilla – Cavaliers                                South Trimble – Nuggets
Sharif Gauri – Bulls                                   Dallas Lea – Nuggets
Daniel Chin – Mavericks                           Max Goodman – Bulls
.                                                                      Christian Kim – Mavericks

Coach                                                          Coach

Hosni Ali – Mavericks                              David Procelli – Cavaliers