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Don’t Let Allergies Stop Your Champ

Winters over the last few years have continuously become harsher and scientists believe this has made allergy seasons worse than ever. With longer dormant periods, at the first sign of spring, trees send a rush of pollen into the air. As spring’s tree pollen allergies wind down, grass and other summer allergies begin to flare: a huge problem if your kid plays outdoor sports.

Your child shouldn’t have to miss out on outdoor athletic fun because of runny noses, itchy eyes and discomfort. A visit to a trusted Washington DC pediatric allergist may be a great solution that keeps your young athlete in the game.

If your child plays sports like soccer and field hockey, he or she probably spends a lot of time rolling in the grass, which can trigger mild to severe allergy symptoms. These symptoms may stop your child from seeing clearly and keeping alert on the field, and have him/her feeling sluggish and gasping for breath. All of this can turn an otherwise healthy activity into an immune system’s nightmare. If your child spends a lot of time in outdoor sports, you and your child may not know why he or she feels sick. A board certified DC allergist and immunologist can diagnose the cause of the symptoms and– if your athlete is suffering from grass allergies– offer treatment advice.

One key piece of advice from trusted DC allergists is for your child to take medicine throughout the season, 30 minutes before going outdoors. Allergy shots in Washington DC are another great method of care. While allergies are not curable, they can be mitigated through immunotherapy. Allergists like Dr. Michael Kletz offer allergy treatments, which work in a way similar to vaccinations– boosting the immune system’s tolerance for the allergens. Allergy shots in children can also help prevent the later development of allergy-induced asthma.

Health-wise, your children deserve every advantage to be the best champions they can be. We hope this advice– and the help of a DC allergy and asthma doctor–will keep them running, jumping, and playing like champs all summer long.