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What happens if I get cut?

Getting cut stinks. 99.99% of people have been cut from a team, turn down from a college, or were declined during a job interview. It’s frustrating and part of life, how you handle the adversity will shape you more than any team you can make. Here are some things to remember when taking the next steps.

Questions will flood your mind about what went wrong. You begin to doubt your ability to succeed in the sport. Trust me, we understand! It is absolutely normal to feel this way. Many great athletes have been cut from a team or been forced into a walk on position with no guarantee. All athletes experience setbacks, and getting cut has shaped the stories of many successful athletes. For example, most of us know the story about Michael Jordan, he was cut from his high school basketball team. Michael Jordan is arguable the greatest basketball player of all time, he used getting cut from his Varsity team as motivation, and achieved at the highest level.

If you get cut, this will provide you with information about your weaknesses, about what went wrong, and how to improve next time. Mistakes are one of the best learning tools to become better athletes and better people. Constructive feedback can be difficult to hear and accept, however failure holds valuable lessons that can and will contain keys to your success.

One important thing to remember is that failure does not reflect your potential. You are not your mistakes. Getting cut from a team does not mean you will always fall short. Getting cut is temporary. Getting better and learning is permanent. Believe in yourself, and your ability, getting cut is not a failure, losing confidence in your ability is.

Athletes, coaches, and parents have many thoughts throughout the course of the season. At times, they are the same, and sometimes they are off the spectrum different. That’s what we are here for, to provide your athlete with a realistic interpretation of your daughter’s field hockey ability. With dedicated coaches who are willing to help each athlete that steps onto our fields, we never give up on your daughter. We are here to help you to continue to grow whether it’s in our rec programs or our clinics, we want you to be the best athlete that you can be. So never give up! Keep working and do not let one minor setback determine or get in the way of your love for this sport!