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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Is there anything better than freshly cut grass? The smell means one exciting thing, the start of a new field hockey season!  On behalf of the entire Koa Sports field hockey staff, let’s have our best season yet.

Below are four pointers to remember this season:

  1. Mindset-Be the best you, this means giving 100% during practice, games, clinics, chalk talk, and conditioning.
  1. Team work Makes the Dream Work –It is really important as an athlete on a team to have each others back. No girl gets left behind! You are your teammates biggest fan, besides your coach. So if you see someone having a bad day or getting upset over a mistake that they made, pat them on the back and tell them to keep their head up!
  1. Mistakes are Okay!-Flush away mistakes that may have happened and turn it into a positive. So what you completely missed the ball while attempting a drive; who cares? Turn that “negative” into a positive and say to yourself ” I can do it, I just have to be patient with myself.” Remember, a mistake is a lesson.
  1. YOU GOT THIS!-We know and understand the anxious thoughts that go through your mind when season begins! It’s so exhausting! Give yourself a break and have fun. The goal is to learn how to challenge yourself as an athlete and as a person. Believe in yourself as we believe in you!

How is this season going to be the best yet?  Koa’s professional staff will guide the parents and athletes every step of the way, we will make sure you have all you need throughout your field hockey journey!