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Want to be an All-Star?

How did Lebron James or Kobe Bryant become all star players? This year is Lebron’s 11th consecutive appearance and Kobe’s 17th appearance in the NBA’s All Star game. First, lets define what an all star is: an all star refers to someone who is highly skilled at a given activity, so much so that he/she is often considered among the best.

In basketball, scoring the most points or having the best dunks does not make you the best. However, it is a combination of different qualities that makes you an all star. The most important aspect is being a good leader and follower. It is always good to lead but it is just as important to know when to step back and follow. Next, is being a team player. On most and college and professional teams, you hear about one or two stars but there are other players, as well as coaches, that help make a team successful. Lastly, give your all on the court; 110% mental and physical effort.

Kobe and Lebron both have amazing accomplishments and have set historical records in basketball. However, that’s not the only thing that makes them great. They give back to their communities and are role models for kids all over. We suggest taking a look at other all-star players, old and new, to see why they are considered the GREATEST of all time.