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Tourney time…Madness!

It’s tourney time! March is here and you know what that means….Madness.

Everyone is doing their research to crack the code, find the formula, and crown the correct National Champion for their brackets. People countrywide are getting in on the action. Here at Koa, we have a staff March Madness pool (may the best man win!), sports analysts all over the country are talking chalk and making predictions–even President Obama has selected his final four, with Kansas winning over UNC in the championship.

Two things that seem to have a trend with success in the tournament is 1) a great coach (of course!) and 2) solid guard play. Having a good coach is a given. Successful coaches can adjust on the fly, draw up the right play at the perfect time, and their substitution pattern is flawless. Having solid guard play is key come tourney time because guards are in control, spending the most time dribbling and dishing the ball.

Some may argue that a dominant big man is the way to win, but the game has changed. Outside shots (mainly three pointers) are shot at a higher rate than ever before and with the professional influence of Steph Curry–don’t be surprised to see some NBA-range threes taken!

With all the basketball MADNESS going on this month, it’s likely you’ll want to partake in some on your own. Luckily, here at Koa, we’ve got you covered. Our March Skill Development Clinic is in full-swing and we are just starting our spring select try-outs for the new Cross County Basketball League. The Cross County Basketball League is brand new and Koa is very excited to partner with MADE to commission the league. Get on the court with Koa today! Best of luck with those brackets!