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The Winter Not-So Blues

The local weather forecast tells us the thermometer is about to take another dip — and honestly it feels like it’s on its way down right now! But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your kids shouldn’t stay active and still get some fresh air!

Keeping kids moving and getting them to take a break from the game console or computer is key to staving off those winter doldrums. Even a 10 minute game of back yard tag can do wonders! If the temps aren’t too cold, a family hike is a great way to spend time together – outside! Dress your kids in layers and don’t forget the hats and mittens. Always bring plenty of water – it’s important to hydrate whether it’s hot or cold outside!

There are also lots of activities you can bring inside. You can go take some hits at the batting cage or shoot hoops in the gym. But there’s plenty to do right at home too. Who can do the most jumping jacks or the longest wall squat? Have your own mini Olympics or put together an indoor obstacle course!

So don’t hibernate this winter, beat the seasonal blues and get active!