Koa Sports

The Right Mindset

A player’s impact on a practice or game goes far beyond talent, athleticism, or sheer ability. Coaches and fellow athletes alike will always notice the character of a player, and oftentimes players with the most character, the most heart, or the strongest will are those who end up having the biggest effect on the game!

Positive mindsets bring positive influence. If you step onto the field ready, looking to get better, encouraging your teammates, and always staying positive, your team will benefit.

Players who keep a positive mindset on the field will have no problem helping teammates do the same. So next time you’re out there on the field and your teammate does something great…tell them! A simple: “Hey, awesome work out there. Keep it up,” will go a long way. On the flip side, if you see someone make a mistake or look discouraged, remind them to keep their head up or give it another go.

Our challenge to you: Have that positive mindset when you’re on the field. Be the one that makes a difference within the team, and then, help your teammates achieve the same!