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The Importance of Conditioning

Each and every athlete should focus on conditioning their body to prepare for the specific sport. Conditioning not only helps athletes be prepared for their sport it also plays a crucial role in injury prevention. When following a strong conditioning program, athletes will lower the risk of injuries by strengthening ligaments, tendons, and muscles while creating a higher level of flexibility.During the course of a 70 minute field hockey game a player will run anywhere between 3-4 miles and switch from a slow jog to an all out sprint in a matter of nano seconds.

Creating a training program that works on high intensity sprints as well as long distance runs is beneficial for field hockey. Creating a conditioning plan that mixes sprinting and jogging during the same exercise will simulate more of a game like situation.Most athletes conditioning during the off season can be compromised because they are not practicing everyday. The off season is a great time to stay in shape and there is more time to work on speed and agility.