Koa Sports

Take Risks

Here at Koa, we are always looking to teach your kids new things. Whether it be a new skill, technique, or drill, we are looking to constantly challenge your child to become better. The most rewarding part of coaching is when the athlete understands a drill or concept and looks for more challenges!

We encourage our athletes to take risks! In field hockey there are many moments for someone to get their hands dirty, especially goal scoring opportunities! So, dive for the ball, or execute a new skill that you learned at practice and use it in a game. Show us what you got! And if something does not work out how you planned it the first time, brush it off and try, try, try, again. Don’t think too much about what went wrong, instead be proud of yourself for attempting it, as long as the skill has been introduced in practice your coach should encourage this behavior. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow as a student, an athlete, and a person. We want our athletes to be challenged, and take risks.