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Summer Camp Expectations

Camps are the beacon of summer.  They bring together old friends and soon-to-be new friends, they encourage individual involvement, enthusiasm and active minds.  Camps can be thought of as school in the summer that no one minds waking up early to attend.  While camps are designed to benefit kids, Koa’s camp is built on a foundation of respect and expectations.

Koa camps create an unparalleled system of fun and active learning.  With full counselor engagement, participation and commitment from the campers is makes the best experience!    Let’s talk about trying new things and create a hypothetical situation.  Little Tony K. is signed up for Koa’s Multi Sports Camp in July and he couldn’t be more excited.  Tony’s favorite sport is baseball, however his parents encouraged him to try out a camp where he is able to participate in a plethora of sports.  At first, Tony is reluctant to enter a novel situation that’s outside of his athletic comfort zone, however, he tells himself before his big first day that although he may not fall in love with every sport, he will look forward to each new activity with an open mind and the will to try his best.  At the end of the summer, Tony can then look back on his experience and determine whether or not he found his time at camp to be a successful venture or not.

That is one example of out of a thousand different possible situations.  Expectations can be set in various ways—they don’t all have to reside under a singular idea.  Other expectations could include something as simple as making a new friend, or be as difficult as mastering a sport that is totally unique to you.  Whatever you chose to strive for however, ensure that it is something slightly out of your typical comfort zone and that you’ll be proud of yourself for accomplishing.

No one likes thinking about the end of summer.  Summer is the best part of the year, discounting the humidity and mosquitos, of course.  We, at Koa, don’t wish to spoil your three months of vacation from school by reminding you about summer finishing up, we merely want to express how important it is to create goals for yourself as you progress through every camp in which you participate.  That way, by the time the first day of school rolls around you can be excited about everything you’ve accomplished in the past few months instead of dreading a potential pop quiz.