Koa Sports


Kelly was born and raised in Hershey, PA, where she played both field hockey and softball throughout high school. When Kelly was in the 6th grade, her mom suggested trying out for field hockey in Middle School, and Kelly promptly responded by saying “Any sport that you wear a skirt, is not the sport for me!” Luckily for Kelly, her mom was adamant about field hockey, because she quickly fell in love with the sport!

Kelly played four years of field hockey at DI Kent State University in Ohio, where she also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduation, she was a Police Officer for 10 years and was the head coach of a high school program. After moving to Maryland in 2015, she quickly realized that she needed to make her passion for field hockey, youth sports and fitness her full time job, and was lucky enough to land this awesome job at Koa!

Favorite De-Stresser: Crossfit