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Spring Flag Football Week 3 Recap

Koa Flag Football was back in action this past weekend with some great games. The Saturday players got to enjoy the best weather we have had all season and the Sunday players had to deal with the elements but hey, that’s football.

Games of the Week

We had some great games this weekend but none was better than the two perennial matchups this past Sunday. In the 2/3rd Grade Division, we had the undefeated Hurricanes take on the up and coming Cowboys. The game ended in a tie after a late comeback by the Cowboys. Earlier in the day, an OT thriller was the talk of the day when the 49ers and Swarm went blow for blow in a heavyweight matchup. The game ended in a tie as well, but both teams walked away with their head high.


Some games have been changed so please double check the schedule for the upcoming weekend.

Tip of the Week

How to Contain – One of the biggest weapons a defense has is knowing that offensive players can’t run in between the tackle boxes or simply, up the middle. The tackle box acts as an 8th defender which puts the defense in a better position to contain a quarterback or runner. This is why many coaches put their edge rushers on the outside of the tackles.

The purpose of containment is to keep the quarterback to the inside.

– Rush up the field at the snap. Don’t run right at the quarterback because he can easily slip outside.

– Break down and collapse on the quarterback after the edge has been set.

– “Stay at home”, meaning if the quarterback starts to scramble around, don’t break contain and leave your area.

If anyone has any questions about Week 4, please feel free to reach out to me at nickt@koasports.org.