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Sport Specific Camps

Sport Specific Summer Camps:

Become a better athlete in your primary sport! We offer sports-specific camps taught by our highly experienced coaches to help your player improve their skills and gain a competitive edge. Check out our Sports Specific Summer Camps below (baseball, field hockey, basketball, flag football) for more details.

Summer Sports Specific Camps Available


As a youth sports provider, our priority is providing youth sports – not getting tangled in tricky registration battles. As such, we have developed a cancellation policy that causes the least possible conflict while still allowing us to function.

  • If you cancel your registration at anytime, we will charge a $25 processing fee.
  • If you come to the first day of camp and have such a terrible time that you no longer wish to participate in camp, we’ll refund you the cost of camp minus the $25 registration fee.

Multisport Camp

(Grades PreK - 6)
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Baseball Camp

(Grades 3-8)
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Field Hockey Camp

(Grades 1st-12)
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Flag Football Camp

(Grades 3-8)
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