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Social Distancing in Sports

Social Distancing in Sports

There will be new realities when sports resume from the coronavirus pandemic.  So what will this youth sports landscape look like for athletes and families? Masks, social distancing, gloves, and constantly sterilizing equipment are becoming best practices. Let’s focus on social distancing in this post, which minimizes the spread of the virus and person to person contact.  Here are the top 10 sports/activities that promote social distancing while providing competitiveness, fun, and teamwork!


  1. Tennis. Whether singles or doubles, tennis allows you to stand 6 feet apart from your partner or your opponent. The ball will only be touching your own racket so no worries on cross-contamination. When it comes to the tennis ball, you can Lysol the balls every time there is a change in service.
    • Modifications- Badminton, Tennis Jail, Pickleball
  2. 3 v 3. Street Hockey with Goalie. Street hockey usually is 6 v 6, cutting that number in half will allow players to social distance while working on their passing, shooting, and dribbling. The players will each have their own stick so no worries on cross-contamination. The goalie, the only player allowed to touch the puck/ball with hands, will be wearing gloves.
  3. 3 v. 3 Soccer with Goalie. What kind of summer would it be without outdoor soccer? One way to keep soccer fun but practice being 6ft apart is 3 v 3 soccer! While defenders have to keep their social distance, offensive players will work on their passing and juggling of the soccer ball. The perfect way to gain skills while staying safe with the ball only touching your tennis shoes. The goalie, the only player allowed to touch the ball with hands, will be wearing gloves.
    • One Soccer activity that allows for social distance but is also extremely fun is Keep Your Yard Clean! Players try to keep their side of the field ‘clean’ by kicking soccer balls to their opponent’s side, whichever side of the field is ‘cleaner’ after the designated time that team wins!
  4. Corn hole. The perfect game for social distancing while laughing with your friends! There are easy ways to adapt the roles to keep 6ft apart and not share the same bean bags. For example, have all players shoot on the same horn hole and use their own designated bean bags; this keeps the spreading of germs with multiple players touching all bean bags.
  5. Kickball. Kickball has the perfect set up for social distance. While standing more than 6ft apart from each basemen, outfielder, and the dugout kickball allows for kids to play one of their favorite PE games while following social distance guidelines! Maybe to switch it up, have the pitcher kick the ball to the batter allowing for fewer hands touching the kickball!
  6. Wiffle Ball or Tennis Baseball. The perfect way to practice your baseball/softball skills while having fun and social distance. Whether using a wiffle ball bat and ball or a tennis racket and tennis ball, you can social distance and still hit a homerun while the baseman and outfielders stay 6ft apart.
  7. Horse (Basketball). While the game of basketball is hard to play while social distancing, there are a lot of activities that can help you develop your skill while still following guidelines. For example, everyone loves a fun game of H-O-R-S-E. Each player must always be 6ft apart when shooting or waiting for their turn. Each player also uses their own basketball so you do not have to worry about lysoling the ball down every time someone shoots!
  8. Cycling/Scooters/Skateboarding. We could all use some fresh air so why not exercise and be active at the same time? Whether it is riding a bike, a scooter, or a skateboard, you can practice being on the next XGames while social distancing.
  9. Relay Races. With a few adjustments, social distancing is no problem. Relay Races can focus on speed and agility drills, for example, using an agility ladder or utilizing footwork with cones. To make it fun, add in some dance moves and balance beam action.
  10. Jogging. All you need is yourself and headphones for this ageless activity.  Stay active and healthy while going for a jog whether in your neighborhood, a local park or even on your treadmill.  Don’t forget to crank the tunes!







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April. 28 2020

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