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Shake Off the Snow and the Rust

The first day of spring is right around the corner (thank god!), and hopefully that also means the bleak days of bitter cold and snow are soon to be over. The beginning of spring elicits the commencement of many new things: blossoming flowers, cleaning out your home/office/bedroom/etc, golden tans, and lastly, spring sports!

As much as I love a good tan and a clean workspace, nothing beats the start of a new season outdoors. Most winter sports are contained to indoor courts, fields and gyms, which is always wonderful for a time, however, there’s nothing like taking to your respective playing field for the first time in spring.

Some winter seasons might not be over yet (looking at you, NCAA basketball), though that doesn’t need to stop anyone from preparing for his or her next athletic endeavor. Sports such as baseball, field hockey, football, soccer and more require constant work and fine-tuning of skills, even in the off-season. This can obviously become slightly difficult when you want to work on, say, corner kicks and your soccer field is still currently covered in snow, nevertheless, you can find new and creative ways to practice your skills and get you geared up for your soon-to-start season. Some indoor practice ideas include: working out in a gym, doing fast-footwork drills on an indoor court, or even dribbling in your room! Just make sure it’s alright with your parents before you potentially scuff up their hardwood floors.

At times it can be hard switching from indoor-sports mode or taking a season off to a new spring season, however if you start preparing your body and mind now then you will take to the field and sunshine as if winter never even happened! How awesome would that be?

-Tony Korson