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Setting Yourself Up for Success.

How to Train for Success!

Achievements, recognition, and trophies do not come easy. Players who dedicate their time to improve their skills see great results. Practice makes perfect! If you as a player want to improve, you need to be the one to take those steps to accomplish your goals.

Koa FH Steps to Success:

Step 1: Get an Evaluation
Koa FH is now offering evaluations to players who want to know where they stand compared to our different programs. Any field hockey player, whether you are new to Koa or you have been with Koa for a few seasons, can register for an evaluation!

If you want to know more and check out our evaluations table, visit the Field Hockey Training Page!

Step 2: Get Involved or Stay Involved in FH Programs
If you want to keep improving your skills, you need to be involved in programs that will only enhance your game play. Koa FH offers clinics, rec league, and high school programs.You can also reach out to friends who play and get together with them to practice!

Visit our Koa Sports Website to see what all Koa FH has to offer!

Step 3: Private Lesson and Practicing at Home
For more personal development, you can interact with one of our collegiate coaches who are available for private lessons! One-on-one lessons are perfect to work on specific skills and supplement clinics or practices.

Another important step towards personal growth is the diligence to practice your skills at home. Take the time to practice those skills you have been struggling with. On our Koa Sports YouTube channel, we have field hockey skill videos to guide you through a few of the basics skills. Set goals for yourself! Practice those skills to boost your game play and confidence!

Want to schedule a private lesson? Visit our Field Hockey Training Page to learn more!

Meet Two of Our Private Lessons Coaches!

Coach Shelby Amspacher

Shelby Amspacher has played for W.C Eagles, Archbishop Carroll, and Hood College, completing her last year of collegiate field hockey in 2016. She also played for a USA select university team in a tournament in Scotland. Coach Shelby works with the Koa Club program.

Coach Maia Paul

Maia Paul played for Walt Whitman HS (’11) and Skidmore College (‘15). She travelled to the UK, Netherlands, and Argentina to play field hockey and train internationally. Coach Maia currently works with the KOA development and club teams as well as Rec Leagues and clinics.

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