Koa Sports

Seth Cohen

Name: Seth Cohen

Season Started: Spring 2018

About: Seth's journey in sports has been a tapestry of coaching and playing experiences, woven together with dedication, resilience, and a deep passion for the game. Starting in 2014, Seth embarked on his playing career in flag football, sharing exhilarating moments with high school friends and clinching five championships. Those crisp fall and spring mornings became the backdrop for unforgettable memories. His drive was unparalleled; for Seth, it was never just about winning – it was about avoiding the sting of losing. "Some say they love winning, but I hate losing. We are NOT the same," he asserts, underlining his fierce competitive spirit. Transitioning from a player to a coach, Seth entered the realm of coaching in 2018, where he found his true calling. Over five years, he led his teams to three championships, relishing in the success of his players. Coaching, for Seth, is not just about victories; it's about shaping lives. He sees himself as both a coach and mentor, guiding young athletes through their lows and celebrating their highs. Off the field, he imparts valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, patience, kindness, and directness. At Koa, Seth not only found a platform to nurture budding talents but also forged lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. His coaching journey, intertwined with his playing days, forms the essence of his commitment to sports. Through wins and losses, he continues to instill his unwavering spirit into the hearts of his players, leaving an indelible mark on the sports community he holds dear.