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See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain After a Sports Injury

Athletes must utilize their knees in order to perform the various actions associated with their sport. The strong and quick maneuvers an athlete must do with the body can easily result in a knee injury, due to a simple incorrect move or jump. Knee pain may be felt immediately or after a longer period of time. In order to help prevent further damage, an athlete should consult with a chiropractor for knee joint pain.

What kinds of knee damage do athletes often face?

Athletes often suffer damage of the knee tendons or ligaments. The momentum needed to run, jump or make sharp turns can put too much pressure on the knee. More minor injuries can accumulate over time and slowly wear on the knee cartilage, cause micro-tears of ligaments, contribute to bone weakening and more. Injuries that were not felt right away can sometimes be worse, because the knee kept enduring pressure without any treatment or maintenance.

How can a chiropractor help alleviate my knee pain?

When an athlete suffers from a knee injury, the body attempts to make up for this imperfection through small changes to a person’s stance, gait and knee alignment. The body slowly starts to get thrown out of proper positioning and a chiropractor must intervene to get the body back into alignment. When the knee joints are not aligned, function can be greatly impaired in combination with intense pain and stiffness. When athletes are seen by a chiropractor, it is common to receive a full body adjustment. Many chiropractors start with the spine, since that is such a huge factor in our body systems being able to work at their best.

What is the primary goal of a chiropractor?

A chiropractor can focus on knee pain reduction and obtaining body alignment for their patients. The goal of a chiropractor is often to get the body working as one fluid unit, including all tissues, bones, ligaments and nerves. Adjustments of the knee can be performed over multiple sessions, so the process is not painful for the athlete. By moving the knee parts into their healthy position, it can promote healing and help prevent further damage. Massage may be combined with adjustments so the surrounding muscles can start to relax.

What if my doctor recommends surgery for my knee pain?

Many patients have come to us concerned about their knee pain. They may tell us their primary doctor suggested surgery as the best, and perhaps only remaining option left for knee recovery. Patients and athletes alike may be afraid of the risks associated with going under anesthesia, and the potentially painful recovery post-surgery. However, a knee pain doctor Bethesda MD trusts is a great option for athletes who are interested in a more alternative and less-invasive form of care.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into knee pain after sports injuries.

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