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Rockville, MD Summer Sports Camp

Summer Sports Camp

Looking for a trusted summer sports camp to enroll your kids into? At Koa Sports, we offer a wide variety of programs during the summer that are designed to not only be exciting and adventurous, but also teach kids core fundamental mental skills that are meaningful in life – such as resilience, discipline, teamwork, and so much more. Whether you are simply looking to get your kid active and outside, or your kid is really looking to develop their athletic skills and technique, Koa Sports is an all-around excellent summer program to jump into. We deeply care about establishing a safe, friendly, and thrilling environment for our kids enrolled. And we put sincere effort into only hiring dedicated staff members who are invested in mentorship as coaches. If you are looking for a Rockville, MD summer sports camp for your child, you can’t go wrong with choosing Koa Sports as a memorable summer break experience for them.

In addition to our year-round sports programs, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for your child to participate in during the summer. To name just a few, your child can participate in basketball, street hockey, soccer, dodgeball, flag football, and more. We have camp programs for ages as young as Pre-K and also for high schoolers as well. Regardless of age group, all camp activities are monitored by our committed staff.

Each of our staff members has had previous experience working with children and sports, passed state and local background checks, and ensure that both safety and fun are a top priority for each camper. Looking for the right Rockville summer sports camp for your children may feel tough because as a parent you want to have the right confidence and trust towards who is coaching your children.

At Koa Sports, we understand how sincerely this matters and do not take it lightly. Just as you want qualified, caring teachers during the school year, we know you have those same expectations for any type of summer camp or program you enroll your kids into. Our staff knows that after home and school, the athletic field is commonly the third place kids spend the most time at.

Part of our mission is our commitment to building a better community and we want your kids to develop skills of discipline, responsibility, and respect that they can ultimately carry into adulthood. And again, we also want our kids to have a blast and an incredibly exciting experience.

When searching for a Rockville summer sports camp for your child to participate in, you can have the assurance your child will have a memorable adventure at Koa Sports – whether it’s just to have fun or focus on developing their physical literacy. We are committed to shaping kids’ lives through sports and providing a culture for kids to have a safe and friendly environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff and ask any questions regarding our summer programs. Contact our offices today to get your kids enrolled for the summer.