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Purchasing a Field Hockey Stick

Many parents believe that every field hockey stick is the same as long as they get the correct height for their daughter. At a young age this may be true but as your daughter gets older and more competitive in field hockey their are many different stick options.

Beginner: When your daughter is just starting to play field hockey or has only played a few season they can go with a couple of different brands of sticks including; STX, TK, Grays and Gryphon. Make sure to stand the stick up on the ground next to your daughter and measure it up to her hip bone. A stick that is too tall or too short will make it difficult for your daughter to play.

Advanced: Once your daughter has played a few seasons of field hockey and is either playing on a club team or her high school team you can begin to look at more advanced sticks. I suggest getting a composite stick over a wood stick at the high level of play. Depending on the position your daughter plays will depend on the style and weight of the stick she purchases.

For an offensive stick you should purchase a lighter stick 19oz or 20oz due to the about of stick work needed as an offensive player. You should look for a stick with a thinner “shorti” toe to help create ball control when dribbling and dodging.

For a mid fielder you should look for a mid weight stick to allow you to not be weighed down while doing the most running in the game. You should also look for a Midi shaped toe giving the mid fielder the advantage when doing stick work and creating power behind their drive.

For a defensive player you should purchase a heavier stick between 22oz and 24oz to create power behind every drive and a strong stick when block tackling. The toe should be a hook shaped toe to create more of a surface when defending.

The process of buying a stick can be very difficult but in the end you are doing the right thing by purchasing your daughter a Field Hockey stick!