Koa Sports

Field Hockey FAQs


Who can play in the Koa Girls Field Hockey League?

Any girl who will be in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grades in Fall 2013 is welcome to join the Koa League. Our Leagues have 2nd – 3rd, 4th – 5th, 6th – 8th grade divisions.

How do I get on a Koa Girls Field Hockey team?

It’s easy to play on a Koa team with our no hassle online registration! When you sign up for the Girls Field Hockey League, you can opt to have Koa place you on an age appropriate team or you can come to Koa with a pre-formed team. If you have a pre-formed team, contact Mindi (301.785.0632) to move your entire team over to the Koa League. Keep in mind that we will do everything possible to accommodate all requests to play with friends.

When is the cutoff date for registration?

Fall 2013 registration will close on 7/30. Contact Mindi (301.785.0632) with fall 2013 questions.

Who will coach the teams?

At Koa Sports, we believe kids benefit from experienced coaches and instructors (check out our Coach Bio page). Most of our coaches are collegiate athletes or experienced players and they will run the pre-game practice and coach the games. The parents get to enjoy the games and cheer on their athletes from the sidelines.

Where will League games be played?

Fall fields are TBD. For Spring 2013, the League field was at Fernwood LP located behind The Woods Academy.

How does the Koa League differ from other leagues?

Thankfully, girls who want to play field hockey have some options. Our league differs from others in one important way: our league provides coaching whereas other “rec” leagues leave it to the parents. Not that there’s anything wrong with parents, of course. (Those of us writing these FAQs are all parents!) But we believe that providing professional coaches gives developing players the opportunity to learn from the best and have way more fun! Please read the Koa White Paper on The Importance of Non-Parent Coaches.

How much does it cost to play in the Koa Field Hockey League?

For the Fall 2013 League, the fee for 2nd/3rd graders is $199/player and the 4th-8th grade cost is $250/player. Each player must provide her own outdoor stick, shin guards, and mouth guard. We have some goalie equipment but if you have your own, please bring it each week. Protective eyewear is optional, but it must be approved for field hockey. Check out our Field Hockey League Value Chart: 2013 FIELD HOCKEY LEAGUE VALUE CHART Per Player Fees Field Hockey League Fee Equipment, referees, etc. 2nd/3rd $60.00 4th/8th $90.00 Field Hockey League Fields/Coaching/Insurance Fee: Field fees, insurance, coaching for 7 weeks of setup, practices & games 7 x 1.75 hrs= 12.25 hrs of coaching 2nd/3rd$119.00 4th/8th $140.00 Field Hockey League Jersey /uniform fee 2nd/3rd $20.00 4th/8th $20.00.

When and where will the games be held?

We will play on Sunday afternoons. The Fall 2013 field is TBD. In Spring 2013, games were held at the Fernwood LP in Bethesda behind The Woods Academy. Pre-game warm-up and game times will be posted after registration has closed and teams are in place.

What will you do at the pre-game practice?

Our coaches will have a practice plan each week, focusing on player development and a particular skill or rule each week (ie. dribbling, passing, pulls, shooting, or strategy).

Will there be a mid-week practice?

For Fall 2013 will be holding optional mid-week field hockey skills clinics. These clinics are open to league players or any other girl interested in getting field hockey instruction. Girls may register to attend the Monday session and/or Wednesday session clinic. The fee is $125/player per day of the week. Click here for Skill Clinic info.

How will you determine team sizes?

Teams sizes will vary based on the age groups. The younger ages will be playing a smaller 4v4 or 5v5 game and the roster size will be smaller. The more touches the kids get, the better for their development! For the older age groups, as their skills improve and the ball movement is better, we will use the larger game of 7v7 or 11v11 and therefore a larger roster for each team.

Can I move my entire team into Koa?

Yes, absolutely! If you have a full team and want to move over from another league, you are welcome. Please note that it may be necessary to break the group into 2 different teams if it is too large. This would only be done to improve playing time for each athlete. Email Mindi to register a pre-formed team.