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Spring Club Field Hockey

Koa’s spring club season is right around the corner! We’d like to invite any girl who thinks she has what it takes to take her field hockey game to the elite level.We’ll be holding try-outs for our spring club team.

This spring, our club program will practice two days a week and compete in at least three other competitive events (games, scrimmages, tournaments) during the season.

Koa’s U14 players are fearless! Many of our players are getting ready to join their high school team and earn a starting position. Our U14 program will have two teams this season. Both teams will practice Mondays and Wednesday, and compete in the same tournaments. Monday practice will be held at Whitman 6-7:30, and Wednesday practices will be held at either Churchill or Norwood 6-7:30.

Our U12 program is full of field hockey all-stars! The U12 team will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday training session will be held 6-7:30 at Whitman. Thursday, we’ll be at Norwood or Churchill from 6-7:30.

Here are the try-out details:


U14: March 17th, Monday, 6-7:30

U12: March 18th, Tuesday 6-7:30 U12

Where: Whitman High School


For more information contact Mindi Susskind, at mindi@koasports.org


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