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Preparing for Tryouts

Time for Tryouts

It is sad to say that the summer is finally coming to a close. While there are technically still a few weeks left of our most favorite season, the days of going to camp, relaxing by the pool and waking up late are lamentably over. However, the great news is that when one fun adventure ends, another new and amazing experience begins. And no, I’m not talking about school (though that certainly is a wonderful experience as well); I’m talking about basketball!

September signals the start of two new seasons: fall and basketball. With tryouts right around the corner, we at Koa feel it’s important to not only get you ultra pumped up, but we also want to remind you how tryouts are the perfect time to be you!

Whether it’s a completely new squad you hope to join or a team you’ve played with for years, tryouts are a blank slate for you to show everybody what you’ve got. Sure, this experience can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but those emotions merely prove that you are excited to be part of something new and incredible. And it is important to notice your nervous feelings because this adrenaline can be used as motivation to push yourself harder.

Never be scared of tryouts, rather be ready for anything. You’ve been waiting all summer for this moment and now is your chance to go BIG! Be daring, try something new, play a position you’re not used to, dribble with your non-dominant hand, attempt that crazy move you’ve be practicing during the offseason, now is the perfect time to show off your reach (both literally and figuratively).

Remember, coaches aren’t just looking for the fastest kid or the best shooter to be on their team—they’re looking for a player who has the confidence and spirit to take on a challenge, a player who demonstrates strength both physically and mentally, a player who appreciates the game, their team and hard work. The best team member is someone who isn’t perfect at one thing, but someone who is well rounded and able to accomplish many things.

Now, when you’re at tryouts, be the player you truly believe you are. Participate in every activity, volunteer whenever your coach asks for help both on and off the court, and show everybody what you’re made of! This moment is the ideal stage for you to perform—so go ahead and be bold! See you on the court.