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Perseverance – steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
Often times we face different obstacles in life that slow down or even halt the goals that we have. In sports specifically, it can be an injury, being benched, getting cut from a team, losing a game; the list goes on and on. Our best advice here at Koa Sports is that no one cares about faltering. In fact, it’s about how you get up from the fall that’s most important.
A great team will have the ability to persevere even when the going gets rough and team morale is low. Discouragement takes place far to often in a team setting and it can happen in a split second which may hinder a team’s advancement. One of the best ways to persevere through that is to find the cause of it and fix it. Is there a lack of unity and team spirit? Did you just lose a crucial game? Whatever the problem may be, get to the bottom of it and persevere through it to get the team back on track.
A team that demonstrates perseverance does not give in when confronted with an obstacle. So whenever you have your next practice or when something goes wrong during a game, gather your team and try to figure out a way to push through it and go 100% the next game.