Koa Sports

Paige Christensen

Name: Paige Christensen

Season Started: Fall 2023

About: Paige is a dedicated individual who has a strong passion for sports and empowering young athletes. With a background in field hockey, she played the sport for four years during her high school years, honing her skills and fostering a deep love for competition and teamwork. Her commitment to sports extends beyond her own playing days, as she also spent a year coaching youth lacrosse for 3rd and 4th graders. Paige firmly believes that shaping kids' lives through sports is about more than just the game itself; it's about helping children achieve their goals, encouraging them to create new ones, and ensuring they have fun while pursuing something they love. With her experience and dedication, Paige is making a meaningful impact on the lives of young athletes and helping them grow both on and off the field.