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Multisport Summer Camp Week 9 2022

Multisport Camp Week 9: 8/22- 8/26/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during the final week of camp for summer 2022!

Tennis Baseball

Tennis Baseball never fails to get the campers jumping with excitement. The campers enjoyed combining their tennis and baseball skills, to play this new and epic game. Tennis Baseball requires the finesse of a tennis swing and the power to hit the baseball out of the park! Augustine S. was knocking balls out of the park and sprinting the bases with intensity as he led his team to victory. After finishing the game, Coach Miles said, "I love it when I get to coach campers who have such a great passion for the game they are playing.”

Street Hockey

Zipping across the court, campers acted as if they were on actual ice and channeled their inner Alex Ovechkin by flinging fast shots at the net. Each team had positive teamwork as each player passed the puck to each other to make sure everyone was involved. Joshua W. was sensational, and he played great defense and set up his teammates for easy scores. After the victory, Joshua said, “It makes the game more fun when all my teammates are included in the action!”

Capture the Football

Capture the football was filled with competitive fun as each camper sprinted to help their team win. The Koa field was transformed into an NFL stadium as footballs were flying through the air! In this station, players must cross the field to grab footballs from the other team's side and run or throw them back to win. Ilan K. was on fire as he slipped through the defense's grasp and secured footballs for his team. After the game concluded, Coach Corey said, “I loved watching the campers' competitive spirit drive them to try their best.”



Soccer is another classic station at Summer Camp, with many campers either trying it out for the first time or preparing for the season. During this station, campers worked on their dribbling and passing skills in a live game setting. John M. was the MVP of the game. He played goalie and did not allow a single ball to go past him. He also managed to make one acrobatic save after the other to secure the win. Coach Nico was impressed with the focus displayed by the campers and said, “It was inspiring to see the campers working hard to become the best players they could be!”



This popular station returned to camp this week and players enjoyed shooting hoops with their friends! The station began with a classic game of knockout and then progressed to a full-court game. Multiple campers had the opportunity to show off their smooth jump shots. The ball movement was superb, and everyone got a chance to handle the ball and make a shoot. Lucas T. was on fire! He used his three point shot to help lead his team to win. After the game, Coach Caleb said, "I was really impressed with the camper’s ability to find creative solutions to get past their defenders.”


In this game, players were split into two teams and had to pass the ball up the field to score. This game forces each team to utilize every player on the field since players are NOT allowed to run with the ball in their possession. The campers moved the ball quickly up the field and scored impressive goals! Liam C. was the star of the game. He made a goal with almost every single shot he took! Coach Noah participated in the game and said,” It was awesome to be part of such a fun game where each camper showed great hustle and sportsmanship!