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Multisport Summer Camp Week 6

Mulitsport Camp Week 6: 8/2- 8/6/2021

Koa Families,
This week we had a blast at camp between different stations & activities. In honor of the Olympics, we have given a shout-out or "gold medal" to some outstanding campers and CITs in each of our sports stations! However, the overall highlight of camp this week comes from our Tennis Baseball station. Take a look at the video below and see our campers, CITs and coaches take a swing at home plate!


During Tuesday’s high energy soccer game, Multisport camp star Lily scored the winning goal, bringing her team to a 3-2 victory! When asked why she prefers the soccer station over the other sports stations, she replied, “I like playing with my friends, and I love being a goalie!” Lily has been attending the Multisport camp for three years now, and this is her third week attending camp this summer! She’s already looking forward to next week’s camp session, saying “It's fun, I get to play with my friends. It has a lot of sports too and I love improving my skills!” The best part? She was rocking a Nats hat. That’s the Natitude we like to see!


The final score of Thursday’s handball game was 12-1; a VERY close game! There were a lot of MVP’s of this game, including campers who also play in Koa’s BABL program. However, Eric F. stood out as the ultimate star of the game, scoring multiple points for his team all with a beaming smile on his face. When asked why he likes the game so much, he responded “It gives you opportunities to score, and it makes me better at catching and scoring.” Eric is one of our campers that also plays BABL AA, and he is already getting pumped for the upcoming season!

Street Hockey

Street hockey is a favorite amongst our younger campers! This station brings a lot of fun but also helps campers learn the aspect of great teamwork! BIG shout out to camper Gianni who made an impressive half court shot! Nice work! When asked why he loves going to the street hockey station, he said “I love street Hockey because it reminds me of Paw Patrol.”


The gold medal of the dodgeball station goes to superstar Sam, who showcased some extreme speed on the court. For the full duration of the game, you could spot him snagging balls left and right, and swiftly returning them back over the tennis net towards the other team. We were lucky to grab this photo of him before he got us out quickly after!

Tennis Baseball

Great catches and big swings were the themes of this week's epic tennis-baseball games. Campers had some great hits and made some incredible plays running all over the field to track down fly balls. CIT Ezra highlighted this effort as he made an outstanding diving catch against some extremely skilled players! Tennis-baseball is no joke especially with some of our star-studded campers featured in the clip below:


SWISH! A lot of our campers had the opportunity to make a few dunks on the court (with a little assistance from our coaches). Basketball star camper Alex, in particular, had a bright smile on his face after making a dunk and a few hoops. He made about 3 dunks in a row while roaring “This is SO Fun” with a big smile!



Counselor of the Week: Luke Trainor

This is Luke’s first summer at Multisport Camp, but he has been a part of the Koa community for over 10 years. 

He participated in Multisport camp, as well as our baseball and flag football programs growing up. Luke enjoys his time at Multisport camp because it's rewarding for him to teach activities to the campers he himself played as a kid. 

 “Koa is just a really great organization overall, I’ve had a ton of fun with it. The campers are always a blast for me..You can really have a big impact on the kids so it's important to help and teach them the right lessons along the way.”


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