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Multisport Summer Camp Week 6 2022

Multisport Camp Week 6: 8/1- 8/5/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during week 6 of camp!

Street hockey

Street Hockey made its return this week and many campers were excited to go to the basketball courts to show off their skills! Samantha G. was incredible, scoring goals while getting her teammates involved. After her performance, Samantha said, “These moments make me love camp and I can’t wait for what’s next!”

Capture the football

With the NFL Preseason starting this week, players were excited to make plays like their favorite NFL stars! In this game, players must cross the field to grab footballs and run them back to win. Counselors joined the fun and looked like Tom Brady with their incredible throws!

Tennis Baseball

Tennis Baseball was our most popular station of the week! A camp classic at Koa, players were hitting home runs and looking like stars. Tennis Baseball requires a strong swing similar to baseball, and the technique of a tennis player. A player must hit balls and run bases to win! Ethan G. was the MVP, leading his team to victory with some amazing hits!



The Koa World Cup took a break this week, as players went inside to play a classic game of soccer. Campers were split into two teams and competed in a timed game. Coach Kevin, our Coach of the Month, was looking electric with all of his crazy assists to help his team score incredible goals! After the game, Kevin stated, “Soccer is my favorite station because I love getting the campers involved and teaching them to use their feet.”



​Handball returned this week and everyone was excited to work together to score goals! Players were split into two teams and passed the ball up the field to score. This station is all about teamwork and communication, as players must cooperate to win!


Dodgeball was an exciting station, with the tennis court turning into an arena! Campers threw balls at the other team in order to get them out and win. Each team was assigned one “doctor” who is able to save teammates that got eliminated. Austin C. was amazing as the doctor, healing all of his teammates to secure the win!


Counselor of the Week

Alan is our first Counselor of the Week for the month of August! Alan currently attends Butler University and this is his first year as a Multisport Coach at Koa! He loves all of the stations and teaching kids new games and skills. However, his favorite games at camp are soccer and kickball.

“I love coming to camp and seeing all the kids have fun. Seeing the campers excited makes me excited for the week!”