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Multisport Summer Camp Week 5

Mulitsport Camp Week 5: 7/26- 7/30/2021

Koa Families,
Hi, Koa Family! As we head into the final month of summer, let’s recap all the activities Multisport campers participated in during the final session of July.


“World Cup”, a soccer game where clusters of campers choose a country and have to score goals to stay in the game, reached peak intensity this week. Countries from all over the world battled all week like the actual World Cup was on the line; campers were focused on one goal and one goal only: WINNING. The intense action created some instant classic moments, including a thrilling victory from Cuba on Tuesday.

Capture the Football

With NFL Training Camp kicking off this week, our campers were feeling extra inspired to show off their football skills in Capture the Football. Using the same structure as Capture the Flag, campers were chucking the pigskin like Aaron Rodgers and running the rock-like Saquon Barkley.

Street Hockey

While the hockey season is over, our campers were still hitting slap shots and passing the puck on the basketball court.


Out of all the Olympic sports that we only watch every four years, handball has become a favorite of ours. The fast pace combined with the teamwork required to win makes handball one of the more popular sports at Multisport camp

Tennis Baseball

As tennis players from all over the world competed in Tokyo, Multisport campers in Rockville showed off their tennis skills on the…baseball diamond? Yes, you heard that correctly, tennis baseball is simply this: tennis racket + baseball rules = LOADS OF FUN! 

Shoe Relay

Shoe Relay is an exciting and fast-paced relay race. Campers put their shoes in a gigantic pile at one end of the basketball court, run to search and retrieve their shoes, then run back with their shoes on. The first team to collect all of their shoes wins. In this frenetic relay race, campers have to have a good eye in order to succeed. 



Counselor of the Week: Max Klein

This is Max’s second year coaching at Multisport camp, and it has been a pleasure having him back! You can always find Max at camp with a bright smile. He is eager to give the campers a positive experience at camp and show them the fundamentals of each sports station.

“ I really like seeing kids having fun and improving their skills,” Klein said. “It’s definitely my favorite part of being a coach.”

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