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Multisport Summer Camp Week 4

Mulitsport Camp Week 4: 7/19/2021 - 7/23/2021

Koa Families,
Our campers took full advantage of the beautiful weather this past week. They all had a blast soaking up the sun while playing outside at our Multisport Camp. Sun’s out fun's out! It was a breath of fresh air to catch a break from the heavy humidity! Read to hear about all of the fun in the sun we had, including highlights of the game stations we played!

Water Play

As we roll through the dog days of summer, our campers continue to find ways to beat the heat. The solution: water squirters! Smiling campers soaked, sprayed, and showered each other while running through sprinklers. This proved to be a very popular station that helped us keep our cool.

Tennis Baseball

Have you ever heard of this fun game? This game is one of a kind, it is a baseball game played with tennis rackets. Our campers really hit it out of the park this week in Tennis Baseball. Players exhibited their competitive spirit as they showed off their exemplary batting, which resulted in dozens of home runs. A huge shoutout to our CITs for being standout players in Tennis Baseball this week. This game is always a hit!


Heads up! Stepping onto the court during a Koa Dodgeball game is sure to give you a rush of adrenaline. Campers and CITs alike beg for a chance to go to our Dodgeball station, which is clearly a camp favorite. During the games, the energy and laughter is truly contagious. We love the intensity our campers bring to these games.

Hula Hoop Relay

Campers showed off their agility in our Hula Hoop Relays. This took concentration, teamwork, and flexibility. During this game, campers learned how to work cohesively together to shimmy through the hula hoops faster than the opposing team.


Campers showed off their leg strength during many games of Kickball this week. Seeing the way our campers booted the ball, we might have some future soccer stars on our hands! Balls soared, bases were stolen, and most importantly, fun was had by all!

Capture the Flag

Counselors took time to explain the logistics behind a high energy game; Capture the Flag. Campers demonstrated their team spirit as they placed themselves on the line to free their teammates from the “jail”, steal the flag (in this case, a football), and sprint their way to victory. When campers screamed “Jailbreak!” everyone cheered and bolted across the field.



Taking inspiration from the Suns vs. Bucks NBA Finals game, our campers gave their all in our heated games of Basketball. We witnessed a champion mentality that was unmatched. The shots campers were making this week would even give Giannis Antetokounmpo and Devin Booker a run for their money! Watch out for these rising NBA superstars!

Camp was AWESOME!

Counselor of the Week: Madison Colonna


Madison is known for bringing the girl power energy to Koa’s Multisport camps! She has been coaching at Koa’s Multisport Summer Camps for the past three summers. Madison graduated from Walt Whitman High School, where she was a student-athlete. She was a member of both the Track and Field Hockey teams. Currently, she is a rising sophomore at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)


Throughout camp, Madison’s main goal is to ensure that her group of girls has a memorable, safe, and fun summer experience. 


Madison stated, “I value creating a welcoming atmosphere for the kids to have fun while meeting new people.” She added that her favorite part of camp is bonding with her group of campers while also watching them step outside of their comfort zones to create friendships with their peers. We are so glad to have Madison at Koa, since she is such an amazing counselor!