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Multisport Summer Camp Week 4 2022

Multisport Camp Week 4: 7/18- 7/22/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during week 4 of camp!

Tennis Baseball

After watching Juan Soto win the MLB Homerun Derby with immense strength, our campers were inspired to hit hard and far like Soto. Tennis Baseball is still the most popular station at camp, and campers were hitting it out of the park! The baseball diamond turned into Dodger Stadium, with home runs flying left and right!


Similar to Tennis Baseball, campers channeled their energy into hitting the ball with a strong kick and not a swing. Evan C. was the MVP of the game, knocking out multiple home runs and diving for some amazing catches on defense. After making a crucial catch to end the inning, Evan said, “I love coming to camp and making great memories like this.”


Handball was back again this week due to popular demand. The teams that succeed best in this station are the teams that work together the most and have the strongest teamwork! In order to score, players must communicate with each other to pass the ball upfield and shoot. Our MVP in handball was Christian M. with made two crucial goals that lead his team to victory!

Street Hockey

A camp classic and extremely competitive station, our campers were super stoked to play a few games! The court felt like an arena when the players sprinted and leaped for the puck.  Everett S. was amazing as the goalie, not letting in any goals during his entire shift.


Water Sports

With the temperature in the high 90s, water sports were the best way to cool off while staying active. Everyone joined in, having fun water play duels and evading water balloons. Austin C. was having the time of his life at the water sports station. He said, “I love water sports. After a long day of camp, water sports are the best way to relax and have fun.”


Capture the Football

Capture the football is always an intense and high-energy game with tons of running. Campers showed off their stunning jukes to get to the other side. A hybrid of football and capture the flag, players must cross the field to get footballs and bring them back to their side. Defending is crucial, as defenders can pull the flags of attackers and send them to “jail.” You don't want to end up there!


The Koa World Cup has become more competitive and exciting every week with teams competing to be crowned Koa World Cup Champions. Our counselor of the week, Lexi O., loves playing World Cup and joined in to help her team score some more goals! Everyone jumped in on the action and used their footwork to pass the ball to each other.


Counselor of the Week

Lexi attends Tulane University, and has been with Koa for 3 amazing years! She has coached at a few local soccer camps but has mainly focused on coaching at our Multisport Camp because she loves working with our staff and engaging with kids in a variety of sports and activities. Her favorite station at camp is soccer, and she loves playing Koa World Cup with our campers. Lexi enjoys each week of Multisport camp because she constantly meets new kids and gets to introduce a majority of them to a brand new sport!

“I like working at Koa because you see campers of all ages, and you get to help them collaborate with each other and have fun.”