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Multisport Summer Camp Week 3 2022

Multisport Camp Week 3: 7/11- 7/15/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during week 3 of camp!

Street Hockey

Street Hockey was an extremely fun game! With less than 5 minutes in a tied game, Ethan G. scored an incredible goal to win the game! After scoring the goal, Ethan said with a big smile, “I feel great, it feels good to win the game for my team and just have fun.”

Capture the Football

Capture the Football was the most popular station of the week! Many campers scored touchdowns, and this station involved a lot of running across JDS's huge fields. The MVP was Jacob K. He helped strengthen the defense and scored 4 touchdowns to lead his team to victory!


The Koa World Cup was back and better than ever with some exhilarating competition! Team Spain was the World Cup champions after Omri C. scored a beautiful long-distance goal in the final. After his tournament-winning goal, Omri emphasized “I have been at Koa for 2 years and I love it. Moments like these make it amazing.” 


Tennis Baseball

Tennis Baseball is definitely a Koa Camp classic. Campers lined up to hit home runs with tennis rackets, and then ran as fast as they could across the bases. Manolis K. was looking like a star with his incredible hits and catches!



Handball was a new station this week, bringing tons of excitement for everyone. Players were split into two teams. Simialr to capture the Football, players had to pass the ball to teammates, and shoot it towards the goal. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of this game! The opposing team gets the ball if a pass is dropped. Kellen O. was the goalie. He was a prime example of why having a strong protector is so important with his crucial saves!


This is another popular station of Multisport, where campers kick the ball as hard as they can hoping it will travel far and across the field. Playing strong defense is also very important to a team's success in this game. Luca A. demonstrated his strong defensive skills with his crazy catches when fielding.


Counselor of the Week

Meghan has been with Koa for the past two years, specializing in our Multisport Camps! She has loved her time with Koa and currently attends James Madison University in Virginia. She loves all of the stations, but her favorite is Street Hockey because the game is super fast and the kids love to shoot the puck around.

“I love working with Koa because I get to meet so many different people. All of the campers are very different and it is nice to learn about them individually.”