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Multisport Summer Camp Week 2

Mulitsport Camp Week 2: 6/28/2021 - 7/2/2021

Koa Families,
Somehow, someway, it’s already July. How in the world did that happen? Clearly, time flies when you’re having fun, and there was a LOT of fun to be had this past week at Koa Multisport Camp. With week two of camp in the books, here were all of the exciting activities campers, CIT’s and counselors were a part of this week.

Water Sports

A hot summer day requires some cooling down. With water guns and sprinklers, campers were able to take a break from the Maryland heat while also remaining active and having a blast with other campers. Campers lost track of time playing water tag and chasing each other around the field.

Tennis Baseball

Baseball with a tennis racket and a tennis ball? Only a seamless marriage of two classic sports! With a tennis racket in place of a baseball bat and a tennis ball in place of a baseball, campers enjoy two sports in one, like here


Bringing the tennis balls and rackets back to their natural habitat, coaches engaged with campers in the fundamentals of tennis. Coaches worked on forehands, backhands, and made sure to keep everyone hydrated throughout.


By far the most competitive game at camp, campers, CIT’s and counselors all found themselves enthralled in the action. Dodgeballs were flying, energy was through the roof, and smiles were beaming, even for the non-victors.


This week, we worked with campers on the fundamentals of football, such as throwing and catching the pigskin. Even though the ball was a little big for some campers, they were still able to pick up the motions fairly quickly.

Street Hockey

As the Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens were competing for the Stanley Cup, Koa multisport campers were showing off their own hockey skills on the tennis court.

Counselor of the Week: Carl Sansbury

Carl has been a part of the Koa community since he was six as a multisport camper. He then started playing Koa travel baseball on the 12U team all the way back in 2015. He became a coach for Bethesda Area Baseball League in 2018 and has been a counselor for the multisport camp for the past three summers.

Carl was selected as COTW after kids raved about his positive energy and leadership at the multisport camp.
“He’s always rooting for me,” multisport camper Omri said. “He’s always challenging me to play one-on-one with him, and I really love that.”
Carl prides himself on making sports enjoyable but challenging at the same time, as competition builds life skills, he said.

“Shaping kids' lives is so much more than just the sport,” Carl said. “It’s teaching the kids good work ethic that can help them throughout their life, and then I try to make the sport fun for the kids so they keep playing.”