Koa Sports

Multisport Summer Camp Week 2 2022

Multisport Camp Week 2: 6/27- 7/1/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during week 2 of camp!

Tennis Baseball

Taking inspiration from Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams, our campers took their rackets to the baseball diamond! Players showed off their skills by hitting tennis balls with tennis rackets, while also running bases to score. The rackets made multiple home runs possible, making the energy of the game highly fast-paced and fun!


The Koa World Cup was an extremely competitive game, with many different “countries” competing to be crowned world champions. Team Ukraine were the champions with a beautiful goal in the final by Tyler. The goal was so powerful, the goalie was left speechless!


Street Hockey

With the Stanley Cup Finals ending, campers were eager to score goals and show off their slap-shots! Nets were set up on the basketball court, with campers competing to score goals and work together to lead their team to victory!

Water Games

Water games made a return this week, and everyone was thrilled to cool off. Our campers had a great time playing with water balls, balloons, and sprayers! A much-needed station after a hot day of playing games in the sun!



Basketball was a popular station, and campers played some 3v3 basketball games showing incredible teamwork! Counselors and CITs also joined campers for some games of Knockout.

Capture the Football

Capture the football returned to camp with more exciting games! Players had to cross the field to capture footballs without getting their flags pulled off. It was an extremely fast-paced game, with players running as quickly as they could while evading sneaky defenders.


After being in the sun for most sports stations, campers went indoors to play some dodgeball, turning the gym into a stadium. Clearly, a popular choice at camp as campers could not stop smiling and laughing while making some amazing throws!


Kickball was moved to the baseball diamond, with base-running being emphasized. Campers showed off their kicking, base-running, and teamwork in some captivating games.


Counselor of the Week

Dylan is our second counselor of the week this summer! Dylan goes to High Point University and has been a part of the Koa community for an amazing 6 years. His favorite station at Multisport Camp is dodgeball. Getting the campers to have fun & laugh while teaching them how to play and develop skills for each sport is his passion.

“I love working at Koa because the organization gives me the opportunity to coach campers and teach them valuable life lessons. After working with Koa for 6 years, it’s still definitely the best camp around!”