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Multisport Summer Camp Week 1 2022

Multisport Camp Week 1: 6/20- 6/24/2022

Check out all the exciting and fun games we played during week 1 of camp!


With the World Cup coming up this year, we played our own Koa World Cup filled with many teams like France, Ukraine, and Japan. With campers in teams of two, they played other teams for the chance to be crowned World Cup champions. A popular choice at camp, as many exciting goals were scored.

Capture the Ball

Two teams, one dream. Campers were thrilled to play capture the ball! Campers had to get across the field to capture the balls while bringing them back safely to their side without getting their flags taken by the other team. Everyone showed off their jukes to evade defenders and get the balls to the other side!


Tennis Baseball

Baseball with tennis balls and rackets? It is a fan favorite here at Multisports Camp! Campers were split into two teams and hit the tennis balls with tennis rackets. Just like Aaron Judge, these campers hit the balls as hard as they could to knock them out of the park!



With the NBA Finals ending last week, campers were shooting like Stephen Curry in some games of “knockout.” Counselors and CITs also joined in. Everyone was having fun and making some baskets.

Street Hockey

On the basketball courts, campers played street hockey. They were split into two teams, with the goal of shooting the ball-puck into the goals to win! We had some great goals from many of our campers, nice work!


Mixing soccer with baseball creates one of our most popular Multisport stations; kickball! Campers showed off their kicks and worked together to get people out on defense!

Water Sports

It is always nice to cool off with water during the summer months, especially if you can add sports to the combination! Everyone joined in and spent time spraying each other, having water play duels, and cooling down after a long day.

Counselor of the Week: Corey Kouakou

Corey is our first counselor of the week for this summer and he has been a part of the Koa community since 2018. He coaches Flag Football in the Fall & Spring and helps out at our camps during the Summer. Sports have been a powerful aspect of Corey's upbringing and he is extremely excited to be with Koa and show campers how to play sports, have fun, and be respectful.

“I  enjoy working at Koa so I can be with the kids and help them grow as athletes and as people.”