Koa Sports

Moving as a Unit

Team unity is extremely important when it comes to a team’s success. We believe that most teams rise and fall based on culture, leadership, relationships, attitude and effort.

How is the culture in the locker room? Are there different cliques? What kind of examples does your captain set throughout practice and games? What kinda of relationship do you have with your teammates and coaches? We believe it is imperative that those questions are answered because you should have a sense of not only what you are signing up for, but if the team is not operating as a unit, how you should and could change it?

Everyone needs to have a positive attitude as they are working together for a common goal: TO WIN!

It’s all about teamwork. Even if you are not the star player, its about helping everyone on your team get better; including yourself. When you work hard to be a great teammate it makes everyone around you better. Only you can control your attitude, effort, and actions. Be positive, try your best, and make good decisions.

Hold each other accountable and care about each other. Remember it’s “We” not “Me.” Unity is the difference between a great team and an average team. United teams are committed to a ‘team first’ motto and know that together, they can and will accomplish more.