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Mind over Matter

The New Year is upon us and we want to give advice on staying focused on a resolution. We know that it is going to be your best year yet, and we want to teach you ways to overcome some of life’s obstacles.
Mental toughness is self-belief in your ability to achieve your goals. Let me repeat, mental toughness is self-belief in your ability to achieve your goals. You know you can do it and nothing is going to stop you from achieving.

The New Year allows your confidence shine and show the can-do attitude in all situations. This goes with showing control or control the controllable. Being in control of your behavior on and off the field can help you show some strong mental abilities.

Next, whatever you are doing be committed! Being committed means focusing on your goal and the ability to stay motivated even when life throws you lemons! Show consistency and don’t make excuses! Being mentally tough means taking responsibility for your behavior and changing it.

Try minimizing negative energy and increasing positive energy this year. When you are strong mentally, you will be able to cope better with situations and become more consistent, remain determine, focused, and confident. It is something that needs to be practiced.

When you train your mind to be mentally tough you will notice a shift in how you handle things. For example, you will be able to bounce back from a performance that didn’t go so well because of your determination to succeed. We all have setbacks as athletes, but your determination and motivation will allow you to easily brush it off and focus on the next game.

This year it’s time for you to take control of your mind. It’s time to not let outside factors control how you behave. Cope with competition anxiety and accept that you will be nervous but find ways to control it so that you can thrive at the competition.